Mechanika i diagnostyka


  • We offer a comprehensive post-sales technical service of passenger cars and delivery vans.
  • Our team consists of certified mechanics, automotive electricians and Cotech technical advisors.
  • Our shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, repair statons and specialist tools, we also have access to databases and rethodology. This guarantees the highest quality of our work, which is constantly monitored by employees supervising the shop operations.
  • If your car stops on the road, we will act immediately – our roadside assistance employees are available to help you 24 hours a day.
  • We can rent you a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair (you can choose from 60 cars: Clio, Megane, Laguna, Kangoo, Master models).
  • The valuation of our work is based on the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines – before the work commences you will receive a cost statement and the deadline for work completion will be specified.
  • Every vehicle repaired at our service centre is subject to a security inspection free of charge.
  • The service is performed using original Renault spare parts, high quality replacement spare parts including Motrio parts for vehicles older than 4 years.
  • The purchased parts and services performed are covered with a guarantee.
  • We can equip your car with any accessories, care products as well as winter and summer tyres. We provide a wide range of cleaning and care services for the vehicle bodywork and interior.
  • We will contact you after your visit to our service centre to continue to help maintaining your vehicle.

We constantly develop our skills to meet your highest expectations. We will be happy to help you.

Auto Drap Team.


Customer mobility

In order to provide you mobility while your car is at our service centre we offer you:
  • a replacement vehicle,
  • transport to your home or workplace,
  • public transport tickets.


In case of electronic failures we use CLIP diagnostic tools. The CLIP Panasonic Touch Book units using wireless diagnostic probes are able to read failure messages, conditions and operational parameters of multiplex networks and controllers to provide quick failure diagnostics. The net cost of computer diagnostics service is PLN 140.

Periodical inspections

Periodical inspections performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations have a crucial impact on problem-free use of the vehicle. They provide knowledge on the vehicle condition and allow maintaining safety and comfort of use. Our inspection offer is adapted to the vehicle mileage and age. Contact us to learn about the costs of periodical inspections for your vehicle.

Mechanical repairs

Regular inspections and replacing worn components as preventative maintenance measures provide a problem-free use of your vehicle.
  • The Beissbarth diagnostics stations with measurement of shock absorber and brake system effectiveness
  • Beissbarth vehicle geometry measurement tool allow us to evaluate the condition of the vehicle’s undercarriage, suspension, steering system and braking system.
During mechanical repairs we use spare parts we and also the required workshop products and materials that support the operation of vehicle systems. Our partners include global brands such as Forch, Normfest, Wurth, Berner, Loctite.

Air conditioning system

Even during the hottest of summers or the coldest of winters a fully operational air conditioning system will provide the comfort you require. We offer:
  • cleaning of the air conditioning system using ultrasound equipment
  • disinfection of evaporators and ventilation ducts inside the vehicle
  • replacement of filters and dehumidifiers of the air conditioning system
  • verification of flow through the air conditioning system water drainage
  • clearing of contaminations from the ventilation air intake system
  • verification of air conditioning cooling agent pressure
  • refill of air conditioning cooling agent
The air conditioning system inspection with ultrasound cleaning costs PLN 99.

Pre-purchase inspections

Before buying a used vehicle it is always good to verify its technical condition. The inspection we offer includes:
  • computer diagnostics,
  • inspection of suspension components,
  • inspection of the steering system,
  • inspection of the braking system,
  • inspection of engine tightness and cooling system tightness,
  • inspection of the paintwork,
  • evaluation of the scope of possible future bodywork repairs and painting, test drive by a Renault Cotech technical advisor.
An opinion on the vehicle technical condition together with a service history available from the Renault database always provides arguments facilitating the decision whether to buy a used vehicle or not. This inspection costs PLN 350

Tyre replacement and storage

We offer tyre inspection, tyre tread wear inspection, tyre pressure adjustment, summer and winter tyre replacement, tyre balancing.The first 3 services are performed immediately and free of charge for our returning customers and it is not required to book a visit.We advise you perform these inspections at least once every 2 months. We offer seasonal storage of tyres or wheels. We will also verify the condition of tyres or wheels. During storage you can order straightening of rims or purchase wheels or tyres. If any additional services are performed, the price of wheel storage is PLN 1. The price for wheel/tyre storage is PLN 80 per set.