Summer Inspection – 4+ technical service


The summer vacation inspection for PLN 59 includes the inspection of 15 items on your vehicle and a free container of IXTAR cleaning agent!

This offer is valid from 1 June through 30 September 2016 for Renault vehicles older than 4 years


  • inspection of brake pad and brake disc condition and wear
  • verification of brake fluid level and brake system tightness


  • inspection of suspension components


  • verification and adjustment of tyre pressure
  • inspection of tyre wear and tyre tread condition
  • inspection of spare wheel or wheel repair kit


  • inspection of windshield wiper blade wear
  • verification of windshield washer fluid level
  • inspection of windshield and side mirrors condition
  • inspection of cabin lights, external lights and turn signals

Air conditioning:

  • verification of air-conditioning system operation


  • verification of engine oil level
  • verification of cooling system tightness
  • verification of coolant level

Fire extinguisher:

  • verification of fire extinguisher expiration date


The inspection price includes VAT.

The inspection does not replace a standard periodical technical inspection.

For details please contact a service centre representative.